luke’s t-rex


hylaeosaurus in England

Thes dinosaurs is off jurassic park is a dinosaur

Dino Wars I

baryoxy dino 2

The baryoxy dino is a fieace hunter and looks like a strong fighter and he has sharpe clors.

Cetiosaurus an english dinosaur

Cetiosaurus was a huge, long-necked, long-tailed dinosaur with a tiny head and a bulky body; it walked on four legs. Cetiosaurus probably lived near the water. This dinosaur was originally thought to be a crocodile-like animal. It was called “whale-like lizard” because its back vertebrae had a coarse texture (like that of whales).

A Cetiosauras is 18 metres long and eats trees. it is a herbivore.

MEGALOSAURUS English Dinosaur