Graphical Modelling

In Year 5 we used a word processing package such as Open Office Writer or Word to create pictures (Why Not!!!).

We used the grouping facility to create individual elements from multiple elements.






What’s The Point…

In Year 5 we tried to create a picture  using pointillism  ( tiny dots of primary colours) . A style made famous  by the French painter  Georges-Pierre Seurat.


ellie dotty-pic








More Animation…

Found a lovely site for simple animations called Elastoplaststories sponsored by the Elastoplast Company. This animation was created by Zach in Y1 (with teacher scribing). The story boards can be printed out and used in literacy lessons etc.

Here is a link to a range of film and animations resources.

The Monteney Rap


As part of the SEAL  Project we have created a school rap to explains to others the ethos of Monteney Primary School.


The Monteney Rap

“Ahoy Me Hearties” Seafaring Animations @Monteney

A project involving the Y5’s and a lovely case of apple mac computers has produced these lively animations. Don’t get seasick.

Kieran: This is a realy cool software and the software is on the macbook.This animation made us think  about how to use it.The animation took 1 to 2 weeks you can go on the I can animate website and get a order for pc if you  want to get it or get a mac .

Ellis:I think the animation has gon really well we got to use mac apple laptops and you will be able to visit it on google videos hope you like it. 

Alexander:I thought that the animations were great because we got to expierienced new softwere and also got to learn how to use I can animate, garage band, vidio camras and much more! we also finished it in time!

Carnival Radio Adverts

Ronan B & Megan

Ronan B & Chantelle

Natasha, Sam & Cameron

Lauren B & Jack

Kane, Jordan & Adam

Michaela & Lauren H

Ella & Savannah

Daniel & Johnathon

Connor & Ryan

In the Style of ‘Jackson Pollack’ (well nearly)

We created these pictures using the ‘art pad’ website and then recorded them with ‘Camstudio’. Another cool website for creating  ‘Pollocky Pictures’ is Jackson

Megan Pollock

Denvan Pollock

 Georgia Pollock

Bradley Pollock