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The Secret to EdTech No One Talks About

Evolving Educators

Photo by Ariana Escobar and published under Creative Commons Zero through Unsplash Photo by Ariana Escobar and published under Creative Commons Zero through Unsplash

We are in a time of exponential technology growth and change in education. Much of this change can be attributed to a growing number of devices, software and apps available for teachers and students. As a result, some form of educational technology is being implemented in many classrooms across the world or being infused into the overall learning process for students. This can be considered a positive and important change in the world of education because for far too long little changed in our classrooms and schools.

However, we must acknowledge the one secret to educational technology use, regardless of the device, software or app being used by educators and /or students. That secret is:

What WE do with educational technology matters more than the actual technology being used.

I’ve seen classrooms where the educational technology available to educators and…

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We have moved!!!

Monteney Primary ICT Blog has moved. You can now find us here. Thanks to for their support.

The Monteney Rap


As part of the SEAL  Project we have created a school rap to explains to others the ethos of Monteney Primary School.


The Monteney Rap

In the Style of ‘Jackson Pollack’ (well nearly)

We created these pictures using the ‘art pad’ website and then recorded them with ‘Camstudio’. Another cool website for creating  ‘Pollocky Pictures’ is Jackson

Megan Pollock

Denvan Pollock

 Georgia Pollock

Bradley Pollock

Prince Cinders by Y6 RM

prince cinders

Little Red Hen

In Year 1 we have been learning to re tell the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’.

Here are some examples:


Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Happy Christmas From Y1CS

Vodpod videos no longer available.